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Revelation & Celebration

June 13 - June 25

A Golden Child Pilgrimage led by Peter and Sarah Dawkins.

The ‘Golden Child’ refers to the good or golden heart, both of humanity and of nature. The Golden Child pilgrimages are designed to act as a prayer in motion to help enable all good hearts everywhere to be rescued from any sort of non-good that may be preventing them from fully manifesting their inherent goodness.

The pilgrimages are run as mysteries, in which we perform, as actors on the stage of the world, a symbolic story in symbolic places concerning the rescuing of the ‘Golden Child’. Mysteries are like prayers: potentised thoughts and actions that can inspire and help bring about better things, seeding the world via the planetary network of consciousness.

This Golden Child pilgrimage will take place in the alta-major, brow and crown chakras of the Swan landscape temple of Europe. The foci of these three chakras are located at Schleswig in North Germany (alta-major chakra), the Himmelbjerget in Jutland, Denmark (brow chakra) and the Jotunheimen Mountains, Norway (crown chakra). We will journey to each of these places in turn, visiting other places en route.

When, in ourselves, all three chakras are linked, the highest form of illumination takes place, which is not only revelatory but also celebratory and opens the Third Eye. The means to accomplish this is by means of love in action, also known as the labour of love. Nature also shares in this, when we help it do so. In this way, landscapes with chakra systems (landscape temples) can become illumined. This in turn blesses all who live within it.

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June 13
June 25
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Schleswig, North Germany – Himmelbjerget, Jutland, Denmark – Jotunheimen Mountains, Norway


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