Bacon and the Mysteries

A major series of talks, given on  Zoom by Peter Dawkins, about the various Mystery traditions and their ageless wisdom teachings that underlie and provide the foundation for the great Rosicrucian work.

  1. 'The Dionysian Mysteries'
  2. 'The Bardic Mysteries'
  3. 'The Grail Mysteries'
  4. 'The Swan Mysteries'
  5. 'The Freemasonic Mysteries'
  6. 'The Christian Mysteries'
  7. 'The Rosicrucian Mysteries'

The Mysteries Series Short Videos

Peter Dawkins, in conversation with Saira Salmon, talks briefly about the various Mysteries, such as the Dionysian, Orphic, Eleusinian, Druidic, Arthurian, Christian and Rosicrucian Mysteries, and the essential truths common to all.

  1. 'The Mysteries'
  2. 'The Mysteries and the Landscape Temple'
  3. 'The Mysteries and the Three Lands'
  4. 'The Mysteries: Europa and the Bull'
  5. 'The Dionysian Mysteries'
  6. 'The Eleusinian and Other Mysteries'

The Bacony Series Short Videos

Peter Dawkins, in conversation with Saira Salmon, talks briefly about various aspects of Francis Bacon's life and work.

  1. 'Bacon's Method'
  2. 'The Project of the Great Instauration'
  3. 'New Atlantis & Utopia'
  4. 'Four Levels of Consciousness & Angels and Metaphysical Forms'
  5. 'The Rosicrucians'
  6. 'Sir Francis Bacon and his Circle of Friends'
  7. 'Essex House'
  8. 'Sir Francis Bacon – Tudor Prince?'

The Rosicrucian Series Videos

'Francis Bacon and the Rosicrucians' – a series of four talks about the historical 16th/17th-century Rosicrucians – i.e. those who were first known as the Society of the Golden and Rosy Cross – who brought the European Renaissance to a climax by creating the English Renaissance and laying the foundations for modern science and society, in which Francis Bacon played a key role.

Shakespeare Monuments Series Videos

The 'Holy Trinity' of Freemasonic-Rosicrucian Shakespeare Monuments:-

Recommended Videos

'Francis Bacon and the Merchant of Venice' – Video series by Simon Miles demonstrating how the Shakespeare play, The Merchant of Venice, reveals the Baconian authorship of the play and is founded upon the question of equity with which Bacon was deeply involved.

'Francis Bacon and the Merchant of Venice' – Simon Miles' first talk on the subject.

'Francis Bacon and the Mystery of the Phoenix and Turtle' – another excellent talk by Simon Miles, this time on Shakespeare's 'heart' poem.

'The Shakespeare Equation' – amazing discoveries by Alan Green of the Pythagorean mathematics, Great Pyramid measurements and Ancient Egyptian knowledge enshrined in Shake-speares Sonnets:-