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Bacon’s philosophical scheme, The Great Instauration or Six Days Work, is still not fully understood and practised in the way intended. To do so could bring enormous benefits to the world and help create a 'New Atlantis' or Golden Age.

Mystery tradition

Bacon not only headed the Rosy Cross Fraternity (Rosicrucians) but his Great Instauration is based on ancient wisdom and biblical and cabalistic principles. A study and knowledge of this is a major gateway into the true but veiled ever-living Wisdom Tradition. The aim is to discover truth.


Both Divinity and Poetry (Drama) play major roles in the Great Instauration. Shakespeare is not only an important part of this but the Shakespeare Authorship enigma was set up to train us in what Bacon calls the Art of Discovery, so that eventually we might discover and know the Author of All.

Sir Francis bacon

Bacon was a man of mystery and secrets, both of necessity and choice. Partly because of this, and because he had to act the role of a martyr to truth like the first St Alban before him, his name and memory has been slandered. This hurt needs to be redressed. The truth needs to be known, as does all truth.


Welcome to this website about the philosophy, life and work of Sir Francis Bacon and the ‘Shakespeare’ Rosicrucian Fraternity—and in particular the wisdom of which they were the light-bearers, preservers and transmitters.

Titled mysteriously and uniquely as Viscount St Alban, and signing himself as Francis St Alban, Francis Bacon (1561-1626) was not only a recognised genius and man of many parts, but also, as he himself claimed, "the herald of the new age"—the new age now dawning, destined to be a golden age.

Prophesied by Paracelsus as "Elias the Artist, who shall reveal many things", acclaimed by the Order Cabbalistic de la Rosecroix as the "Genius Director of the Rose Cross, Spirit of Liberty, Science and Love which must regenerate the world", referred to by Dr. John Wilkins, the first Secretary of the Royal Society, as "Francis Rosicross", and described as "the Third Plato", Bacon was, as Ben Jonson said, the centre of a mystery.

Tributes to Bacon salute him as an Apollo, the Light-bearer, Day-Star and leader of the choir of Muses, the golden stream of eloquence—a concealed poet and precious gem of concealed literature who renovated Philosophy by means of Comedy and Tragedy.

But there is even more than this, for the hidden Truth, brought forth by Time, has many aspects and layers, with the deepest and most fundamental wisdom underlying all.

Bacon, as the herald and preparer of the way, gave us a method to discover all truth, even the greatest universal truth of all. By following the clues, we become trained in the Art of Discovery, by means of which we can discover all truth and help usher in a golden age.

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The Rosicrucian Series Videos

'Francis Bacon and the Rosicrucians' – a series of four talks about the historical 16th/17th-century Rosicrucians – i.e. those who were first known as the Society of the Golden and Rosy Cross – who brought the European Renaissance to a climax by creating the English Renaissance and laying the foundations for modern science and society, in which Francis Bacon played a key role.

Parts 3 and 4 will be given at a future date.

Shakespeare Monuments Series Videos

The 'Holy Trinity' of Freemasonic-Rosicrucian Shakespeare Monuments:-

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'Francis Bacon and the Merchant of Venice' – Video series by Simon Miles demonstrating how the Shakespeare play, The Merchant of Venice, reveals the Baconian authorship of the play and is founded upon the question of equity with which Bacon was deeply involved.

'Francis Bacon and the Merchant of Venice' – Simon Miles' first talk on the subject.

'Francis Bacon and the Mystery of the Phoenix and Turtle' – another excellent talk by Simon Miles, this time on Shakespeare's 'heart' poem.

'Cracking the Shakespeare Code' – Video series documenting the story of Petter Amundsen's decipherments of some secret codes hidden in Shakespeare’s First Folio of plays and Shakespeare's Sonnets, demonstrating the involvement of Francis Bacon and the Rosicrucians, and revealing a treasure map leading to Oak Island, Nova Scotia.

'The Shakespeare Equation' – amazing discoveries by Alan Green of the Pythagorean mathematics, Great Pyramid measurements and Ancient Egyptian knowledge enshrined in Shake-speares Sonnets:-