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Bacon’s philosophical scheme, The Great Instauration or Six Days Work, is still not fully understood and practised in the way intended. To do so could bring enormous benefits to the world and help create a 'New Atlantis' or Golden Age.

Mystery tradition

Bacon not only headed the Rosy Cross Fraternity (Rosicrucians) but his Great Instauration is based on ancient wisdom and biblical and cabalistic principles. A study and knowledge of this is a major gateway into the true but veiled ever-living Wisdom Tradition. The aim is to discover truth.


Both Divinity and Poetry (Drama) play major roles in the Great Instauration. Shakespeare is not only an important part of this but the Shakespeare Authorship enigma was set up to train us in what Bacon calls the Art of Discovery, so that eventually we might discover and know the Author of All.

Sir Francis bacon

Bacon was a man of mystery and secrets, both of necessity and choice. Partly because of this, and because he had to act the role of a martyr to truth like the first St Alban before him, his name and memory has been slandered. This hurt needs to be redressed. The truth needs to be known, as does all truth.


Welcome to this website about the philosophy, life and work of Sir Francis Bacon and the ‘Shakespeare’ Rosicrucian Fraternity—and in particular the wisdom of which they were the light-bearers, preservers and transmitters. It is this wisdom which is of particular use to us today.

Far from being a materialist and the supposed founder of materialism, Bacon exhorted us to look not just for the physical laws of the universe but also for the metaphysical laws, of which the highest, he declared, is the summary or universal law of love.

Moreover, Bacon pointed out that we are but servants of nature, whose laws we do, in fact, have to obey, and that any mastery is achieved purely by means of science and art, which is nature with man to help. In other words, the greatest master is the greatest servant of all.

Bacon also declared his undying belief that the whole universe has a mind or soul—an intelligence and consciousness with which everything is imbued.

Bacon knew and stated that wisdom lies hidden within nature, and that it is up to us to discover it and use it charitably, to benefit all life. For this we have the guiding help of the wisdom that is inspired into our hearts from the divine world, as well as that given us by divinely inspired prophets.

Charity, he explained, is love in action, otherwise known as philanthropy. This, he said, is the equivalent of goodness, the very character of the Deity, and without which man is a busy, mischievous, wretched thing; no better than a kind of vermin.

Titled mysteriously and uniquely as Viscount St Alban, and signing himself as Francis St Alban, Francis Bacon (1561-1626) was not only a recognised genius and man of many parts, but also, as he himself claimed, "the herald of the new age"—the new age now dawning, which could be a golden age if we but choose to help make it so.

Such a herald, like Elijah or “Elias the Artist”, is a preparer of the way, who helps initiate and make us ready for the Greater Light that will appear when we are ready. For this, he gave us an Art of Discovery—the training for which is a "game of hide and seek"—and much else besides.

Tributes to Bacon salute him as an Apollo, the Light-bearer, Day-Star and leader of the choir of Muses—a concealed poet, the precious gem of concealed literature and golden stream of eloquence who renovated Philosophy by means of Comedy and Tragedy. He was, as Ben Jonson said, the centre of a mystery. He was alluded to as Francis Rosicrosse, which gives a clue.

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