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St Alban, Christian Rosicross & Elias the Artist: The Guiding Light into the Future



A day seminar in St Albans, given by Peter Dawkins, on the lights in heaven that provide guidance for the Rosicrucian work on earth – then, now, and into the future.

2023 is the 400th Anniversary of the 1623 twin publications, the Shakespeare First Folio and Francis Bacon’s De Dignitate et Augmentis Scientiarum (‘Of the Dignity and Advancement of Science’).

The twinning of the two 1623 publications on earth echoed the Saturn-Jupiter great conjunction in heaven which occurred that year, which in turn twinned the previous great conjunction in 1603 that was joined in 1604 by an effulgent ‘new star’, a supernova in the constellation of Ophiuchus, with a nova in Cygnus shining brightly in the Milky Way.

As prophesied by Paracelsus, the 1603-4 celestial display marked the appearance of a ‘Great Light’ called Elias the Artist. The Rosicrucian fraternity identified this ‘Great Light’ with their Father, Christian Rosicross, with the supernova marking the opening of his tomb and start of making the Rosicrucian work public and spreading it across the globe.

These celestial phenomena, together with a previous super-bright supernova in Cassiopeia in 1572, identified to the initiates not only who and what this ‘Great Light’ was, but also how the Rosicrucian work was to proceed on earth.

These lights, heavenly and earthly, still provide a great guiding light into the future, and act like Hermes, the Wayshower.

St Alban, the person, and St Albans, the place, are connected with all this.

Peter Dawkins will talk about these things and more, with insights that have never been discussed or revealed openly before.

The day will include talks, Q&A’s, discussions, and a visit to St Michael’s Church.

Places are limited. All bookings should be made via the organiser (see below).


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01295 678 623
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St Michael’s Parish Centre, St Michael’s Street, St Albans, Herts, England.