Welcome to this website about the philosophy, life and work of Sir Francis Bacon and the ‘Shakespeare’ Rosicrucian Fraternity—and in particular the wisdom of which they were the light-bearers, preservers and transmitters. It is this wisdom which is of particular use to us today, and which is increasingly being rediscovered and revealed.

Titled mysteriously and uniquely as Viscount St Alban, and signing himself as "Francis St Alban", Francis Bacon (1561-1626) was not only a recognised genius and man of many parts, but also, as he himself claimed, "the herald of the new age"—the new age now dawning, which could be a golden age if we but choose to help make it so.

Such a herald, like Elijah or “Elias the Artist”, is a preparer of the way, who helps initiate and make us ready for the Greater Light that will appear when we are ready and doing the work required.

For this, Bacon gave us two things: (1) an Art of Discovery—the training for which is a "game of hide and seek"; and (2) a morally-based philosophical and scientific project called ‘The Great Instauration’, whose design is based on the underlying wisdom of the Six Days of Creation (Genesis 1).

400 years – the Quatercentenary of anything, is of particular importance, as it announces the beginning of building a Temple of Light upon a fourfold Foundation of Wisdom. This is beginning right now.

  • 2004 was the Quatercentenary of the 1604 planetary conjunctions and stellar 'explosions' (nova in Cygnus and supernova in Ophiuchus) that was the signal for the Rosicrucians to announce publicly their proposed Reformation of the Whole Wide World by means of the Arts and Sciences.
  • 2011 was the Quatercentenary of the 1611 publication of the King James Authorised Version of the Holy Bible, containing profound cryptography of many secret things awaiting their time to be revealed.
  • 2020 was the Quatercentenary of the 1620 publication of Francis Bacon's Great Instauration and New Method, by means of which the Reformation of the World might be accomplished.
  • 2023 will be the Quatercentenary of the 1623 publication of the Shakespeare First Folio and Bacon's much extended Latin version of the Advancement of Learning, the two together acting like Spear-shaking Gemini twins.
  • 2024 will be the Quatercentenary of the 1624 publication of the great cipher book, Cryptomenitices et Cryptographiae, compiled by Gustavus Selenus, the Duke of Brunswick, aided by Francis Bacon, which contains keys to the ciphers used in the Shakespeare Folio, the King James AV Holy Bible, books by Bacon and the Rosicrucians, and much else besides.
  • 2026 will be the Quatercentenary of the 'death' and 'resurrection' of Francis Bacon on Easter Day 1626, followed by the publication of Bacon's Natural History and New Atlantis, which sets out symbolic, cryptic, philosophical and scientific details of how the new world could be.
  • And more 'beyond'.

Latest News

'The Sweet Swans of Avon' – Come to a special evening at Guy's Cliffe, Warwick, on Tuesday 9th August (7.30 pm) to learn about the Sweet Swans of Avon, with talks by Peter Dawkins about why the Shakespeare focus was made at Stratford upon Avon and how the bigger landscape known as 'Shakespeare Country' has two Swans – the Gemini – laid out geomantically. Guy’s Cliffe plays a major role in this.

The next Zoom talk in the 'Bacon and the Mysteries' series will be 'The Rosicrucian Mysteries' on Sun. 25 Sept. 2022. See Events page for details. For joining details, contact organiser.

Recordings of previous 'Bacon and the Mysteries' Zoom talks are now available on the FBRT YouTube channel. See Videos.

The next Zoom talk for FBRT Friends will be 'The British Zodiac and Sweet Swan of Avon' on Sunday 14 August 2022.

The following FBRT Friends Zoom talk, 'The British Isles and Face of Europe', will be on Sunday 6 November 2022. Details are sent to FBRT Friends.

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