Welcome to this website that tells the amazing story about Sir Francis Bacon, Shakespeare and Hermes Stella, and many other veiled mysteries.

Sir Francis Bacon (1561-1626), Baron Verulam of Verulam, Viscount St Alban, the celebrated English Renaissance philosopher, author, poet, orator, scientist, jurist, politician, statesman and Lord Chancellor (1618-21), gave us an initiatic method by which a Golden Age on Earth might be achieved.

The method is above all imaginative, poetic and artistic as well as scientific, the aim being to create a living work of art just as Nature and the Universe is a work of art. It is also a treasure hunt, or game of hide and seek. For this, striving together in friendship constitutes the "spurs of motions and the keys of works". The ultimate goal is to know and practice well the summary law of the universe – the law of Love – and thereby to know all things whilst having created a Golden Age.

Latest Website News:

New essay: 'Royston, Heart of the 13th Sign of the British Zodiac'. The mystery, symbolism and history of Royston Cross and Cave, with its association with the Knights Templar and Rosicrucians.
New essay: Beauty, Truth and the Gemini. The core theme of the Gemini, Truth and Beauty, in Shakespeare.
Revisions made to the Mysteries page.
Recent essay: 'Fisher's Folly'. The connection of Fisher’s Folly, Bishopsgate, London, with Edward de Vere, 17th Earl of Oxford, and Anne Cornwallis’ commonplace-book of poems.
This website is a work in progress. As Bacon said: "Nothing is finished until all is finished."

'Sir Francis Bacon and the Two Shakespeares'

'Sir Francis Bacon and Rosicrucian Symbolism'

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