Mariana Sagasti

Argentinian actress, playwright, screenwriter, producer and director based in Punta del Este, Uruguay, involved with stage, film, audio-visuals, radio and television.

During 1990-1999 Mariana directed several fairy tale musicals at the prestigious Teatro General San Martin and Teatro Presidente Alvear, amongst others, in Buenos Aires, Argentina, where she won several awards.

In 1999 she moved to Uruguay, being asked by her family to reorganise and run her family’s theatre, Teatro de la Galeria Sagasti, in Punta del Este. Recently she worked as an executive producer and actress for the TV series "GARZON", and as a writer, actress and producer for the TV series "Esteños".

Besides writing, acting, directing and producing, Mariana also runs a studio for the arts: art, theatre, dance, yoga, sports, music and rest to nourish the health, happiness and wellbeing of each individual.

Mariana has visited the UK many times and taken part in many Wisdom of Shakespeare events, including at the Globe Theatre in London and summer schools at Holycombe.